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Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries

For E-Bikes

We are now a supplier for e-bike batteries.


Sealed Lead-Acid Battery
6-DZM-14 (12V14AH)
Small Black Battery
Length 6 7/8 inches
Width 4 7/8 inches
Height 5. 1/4 


Available for Veloteq E-Bikes:
Sorrento by Veloteq
Cougar by Veloteq 

Sealed Lead-Acid Battery
6-DZM-20 (12V20AH)
Large Green Battery
Length 7 1/8 inches
Width 3.00 inches
height 6.5/8 inches 

Available for Veloteq E-Bikes:
Commander Sho by Veloteq
Cavalier by Veloteq
Challenger by Veloteq
Commuter by Veloteq 

We  also can supply replacement  batteries for other E-Bikes upon request along with replacement  batteries for Computer power supply backups APC


The under seat lockable stowage compartment: There is room in there for a camera bag or a bag of groceries. You could lock up your helmets in there while you are shopping. This mode of transportation will appeal to people who would like to travel modest distances in their neighbourhood, to go to work, pick up stuff at the corner store or even go to school. 

All models come with the same drive train, a set of pedals which are mostly a legal requirement, and Pedalsa 500 watt, 48 volt DC electric motor. There is a gear reduction system built into the drive and this little motor is capable of climbing the small incline we normally find in day to day cycling. The battery packs of the different models vary in capacity, changing the range of the different models. These bikes do not use lithium ion batteries thoughtthe new battery packs might become available for these bikes.

While lead acid batteries are not the newest thing yet, they have some advantages. For one thing they make the bike more affordable. Lead acid batteries do not suffer from latent memory issues that are the curse of nickel cadmium rechargeable batteries. This means you can use the bike for a short spin and then plug in the charger and top up the batteries without damaging them. In fact this is the preferred strategy for long battery life on these bikes.  Mac advises new owners not to run the batteries completely out. Completely spent batteries can be recharged in 4-6 hours.

The temptation to take the pedals off the bike is strong, but in so doing you legally convert this e-bike into a motorcycle and you will need a motorcycle helmet, driver’s license, plates and insurance. With the pedals attached you are considered a bicycle and can go anywhere a regular bike will travel.

E-bikes come equipped with features found on mopeds and motorcycles: They headlightstail lightshave headlights, turn signals and a decent horn. They are brightly coloured and can be easily seen. The instrument cluster gives a speed indication as well as kilometers, and there is a gage indicating battery life.

These are seasonal machines, but in the current economic climate I think there will be a certain appeal for some people. Young drivers who face huge insurance costs will find this affordable transportation to get to work or travel to school. These bikes will allow you to travel around town for less than a dollar a day, and even if you do this for 6 months a year it represents a big savings. Your car can be saved for a rainy day, larger shopping trips and the trip to the cottage.

KeysShould you decide to own one, it would be a good idea to purchase a good quality bicycle lock.  They weigh less than 200 pounds and a grown man could easily heft one into the back of a pick-up truck in a moments notice. The bikes come with a noisy alarm and lockable steering, but a lock and chain will deter some people from the start. The rear stowage compartment on this model has more than enough room for the electric charger.

Electric bikes and cars have been manufactured for years in China, and Go-Electric imports some of the best quality models. The market competition for these machines is fierce in their home market and this has forced them to offer a lot of design and value for the money. The geometry and engineering on these machines is more utilitarian than sport-like. Given the slow speeds e-bike travel, the suspension and handling are good enough. Drivers of e-bikes must be 16 years of age and aware of the rules of the road. Who knows, perhaps some made in China technology will be a solution for some people’s summer transportation and recreational travel.

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Golectric Thunder Bay



Must be 16 years of age
Must wear a bicycle Helmet

No modifications to the motor to allow it to exceed a power output greater than 500W and a speed greater than 32 km/h.

Range up to 80 km
Top speed 32 Km per hour

No operator's license required*
No registration required
No insurance required
Compliant with US and Canadian Federal Regulations
Low Sticker Price
Low Maintenance
Extremely Low Energy Consumption
Zero Pollution-Zero Emissions
Fun to own-Fun to ride



E-Bike Regulations