Commuter GT

Commuter GT



Their are two types of electric bicycles. These are commonly referred to as "power-on-demand" electric bicycles, and "power-assist" electric bicycles. Power-on-demand ebikes do not require the option to manually pedal the vehicle, although this capability is provided. Power-assist ebikes require manual pedaling, assisted by the electric motor as desired, or required by the operator, for example, to surmount a steep grade, or simply make pedaling easier after a long ride.


Veloteq electric bicycles are all designed for specific purposes to conform to the demands and preferences of the largest number of potential customers. Our power-on-demand models come in sizes suited to riders both small and big in stature. Our power-assist models fill the demand for city and trail riding, as well as a special model designed for maximum portability, on a boat, RV, or even train or bus.

Key Features

This high tech performance unit blurs the distinction between moped and electric bicycle. - highly utilitarian ultimate performance.

Rugged and reliable brushless DC gear reduction motor with fully automatic transmission and cruise control means effortless travel.

More than enough power to attain the maximum speed permitted for electric bicycles in the U.S. and Canada, with rapid acceleration and superior hill climbing ability.


Powerful 500W BLDC gear reduction motor enables superior low end torque for hill climbing and rapid acceleration from a stopped position, fully automatic torque control at cruising speed for maximum efficiency.

Lube injection insures that internal gears are automatically maintained with low maintenance.

Step motor controlled and throttle position sensor for immediate start up and drive away performance.

Extra heavy duty controller rated at 750W continuous controls motor output and operation and supervision of all electrical components. Primary power output protection is provided by a heavy duty circuit breaker, not by fuses.

Charger Unit

UL/cUL Listed Smart Charger with automatic shutoff matched to power supply unit. Power supply can be charged while installed in the vehicle or externally while in storage.

Power Supply Unit

4 X 20Ah VRSL maintenance free batteries, UL Component Listed.. Colloidal agent insures that the electrolytic cannot spill even in the event of a broken case.

Recharge time is 2-8 hours depending on how deeply the power supply unit has been depleted.


Stainless steel mainframe with steel tube subframe is robust and rigid for increased performance and handling.

Long wheelbase provides plenty of leg room for tall riders and a smooth ride while enhancing handling.

Front rocker arm suspension enables smooth riding and enhanced cornering capability.

Rear twin fork suspension features long travel coil over shock assembly for a smooth ride and sporty handling.

Big 3.0x16-inch premium grade C.S.T. tires on stylish aluminum wheels provide excellent handling and traction and superior bump performance.

Heavy duty automotive grade front and rear drum brakes insure powerful, comfortable stops on diverse road conditions.

Additional Features

Fully automatic cruise control lets you ride as far as you want without wrist fatigue. Simply hold the throttle steady for six seconds at the speed which you wish to maintain and the Veloteq does the rest. Activation of either the right or the left brake handle will cancel the cruise control feature.

Built-in anti-theft alarm with remote control discourages theft by frightening would-be bike-jackers. Can't see your Veloteq? Press the remote control and it will tell you where it is.

Locking front steering prevents movement of your Veloteq. Turn the handlebars to the far left and remove the key from the ignition.

Large built-in trunk for cargo and accessories.


Type Lube injection gear reduction BLDC motor

Rated Voltage 48V

Specified Output 500w

Highest Idle RPM 400rpm

Fixed torque/corresponding rotational speed- 22Nm/284rpm

Maximum torque/corresponding rotational speed- 64Nm/25rpm

Idle operation electric current 1.8A

Operating current  12A

Overload Protection 600V Circuit Breaker 

Type Computer controlled switching and power regulation

Rated power 750W 
Power Supply Unit  

Batteries 48V/20Ah (4 x 12v/20AH Valve Regulated Absorbed Glass Mat)

Weight 62 lb 
Charging Unit  

Type Cord connected power supply; Class B, UL/cUL Listed

Input 120VAC

Output 48VDC/3A 

Suspension/Front Rocker Arm

Suspension/Rear Twin shock

Brakes/Front Automotive Grade Drum

Brakes/Rear Automotive Grade Drum

Tires/Front 130/90-16

Tires/Rear 130/90-16 
Alarm System  

Remote Control ON/OFF/Kill/Alert

Output Signal Burst followed by 102dB mutli-tone wail 

Range 200 ft 

Length 70 in

Width 30 in

Height 43 in

Seat Height 31.5 in

Dry Weight 172 lb (incl. power supply)

Shipping Weight 127 lb

Power Supply Shipping Weight 63 lb 

Warranty 1 Year (Limited Factory Warranty)

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