GIO Italia (MK) 500w+ Premium Electric Scooter


GIO Italia (MK) 500w+ Premium Electric Scooter

Gio Italia

The all new 2013 GIO Italia (MK) 500w+ Electric Scooter is all about style, comfort, performance, smooth acceleration and quality.

The advantages of owning a GIO Electric Scooter:

Smooth acceleration - GIO scooters are famous for smooth, non-jerky, power distribution. With a slight twist of the throttle, the scooter will gain speed smoothly and evenly, just the way it should.

Adequate legal power - Whether you live in the downtown core or on the top of a mountain, your GIO scooter will get you where you want to go with ease.

Reliable and refined technology - We found the perfect balance between travel distance, performance and quality.

Easy maintenance - All vital GIO components are placed strategically for easy access. Removable batteries, controller, motor.

Great features - Cruise control, anti-theft alarm system, EABS, digital gauges.

Standard options - Non-removable mats, folding pedals, chain derailleur mechanism.

Unique colors - Matte black, azure, orange.

Warranty - 2013 models come with a stress-free 1-year bumper-to-bumper warranty.

Features and Benefits at a glance:

Powerful and within legal limit 500w+ motor - Comes with a two-speed low/high (22km/h and 32km/h) power option for super smooth acceleration.
25AH Controller with DA Technology - DA helps to conserve energy, resulting in longer travel distance and greater power for traveling uphill.
Upgraded Smart Charger - 5th-generation GIO designed charger with repair function.
All-new posh European design - With it's attractive and distinct styling, the Italia is the best looking scooter on the market.
New and improved pedaling mechanism - Pedal cranks are more narrow than on previous models and you will never lose pedals or cranks while riding.
Front and back motorcycle suspension - Back shocks are adjustable. Front shocks are hydraulics.
Low maintenance front and back drum brakes - Brakes generate smooth stopping power.
Upgraded seat - Along with being wider, the new seat is noticeably more comfortable than 2012 Italia seat.
Non-removable mats - Mats will never be blown away by wind and they are easy to remove and wash.
Cruise Control - Hold throttle to the maximum for about 10 seconds for cruise control to engage.
Digital LCD gauges - Indicates speed, range, amp meter, current trip. Back trunk - Adds increased storage space.
Unique new colors - Totally cool and unique, featuring matte black, orange and azure.
Security alarm - Comes standard on all GIO scooters.
Foldable pedals - Great accessory comes standard.
16x3.00 wheels and tires - Greater width compared to the 2012 Italia.
Available only through an authorized GIO Dealer!


Motor: 500w+
Battery: 48V20AH Lead Acid
Controller: 25AH with DA Technology
Travel Distance: 45-60km
Top Speed: 32km/h Limited
Wheels/tires: F 16x3.0 / R 16x3.0
Front brakes: Drum
Back brakes: Drum with the lock
Tires: Front with tube, Rear with tube
Plastic: ABS high quality with new paint technology
Display: LCD Digital
Upgraded seating
Speeds: Two speeds, Low and High
Cruise Control : Yes
Front Shocks: Hydraulic front motorcycle shocks
Back Shocks: Dual spring shocks, adjustable
Security Alarm: Yes
Colors: Unique flat black, orange and azure
Carpet: Non-removable carpet
GIO Logos: Yes

Foldable pedals: Included (Standard) 



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